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penetration testing

Determining the potential impact of an attack on your organization. The focus is on critical assets and operations, enabling any issues to be placed into the correct business context.

We provide detailed analysis of all issues found, along with guidance on how to best remediate them. Re-testing of remediated issues is provided at no extra charge.

red teaming

By simulating advanced attacks across social, technical and physical areas our red team engagements assess the effectiveness of a security program in its totality. From your security awareness program, through to your ability to detect and respond to attacks.

purple teams

Working with your security team in mind, a purple team engagement is designed to test current security controls, identify gaps, and develop fixes. Realistic attacks are simulated and responses assessed to determine the effectiveness of existing controls. Testing typically involves simulating advanced threats; where gaps are identified, we will work with your security team to determine how best to close them.

incident response

Incident response is a time sensitive technical operation, which poses operational challenges to an organization. OccamSec's team brings technical ability and depth, supported by an unparalleled understanding of attackers and business operations.


Train your team with simulated attacks based on real life experience. OccamSec will work with you to enhance capabilities at all levels of your organization. Simulations can focus on specific technical teams, the incident response plan, or senior management and the crisis response plan.

risk and compliance

We help organizations prepare for and meet a wide variety of compliance standards including, but not limited to: PCI, ISO, NIST. Each requires a different perspective yet the underlying objective remains the same. Our team works with clients to assess what they have in place, identify gaps, and determine how to most cost effectively address them.


A range of counter-measures can be utilized within your environment to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack. Achieving an increased likelihood of detection can enable you to take corrective action faster.


Actively pursue signs of compromise. Utilizing various technologies and an experienced team to uncover potential threats and attack campaigns in your environment. As adversaries continue to develop new ways to bypass security controls, the ability of those controls to protect your environment is in flux.

security consulting

With countless years of operational security experience, OccamSec offers a wide range of consulting services. Ranging from security program development to secure architecture design and review, to intelligence fusion and analysis. If it's security related we can probably help.