Our cybersecurity solutions help
organizations all over the world.

Our expertise is focused on preventing
attacks. Allowing us to prevent, detect and
respond to the full range of threats anyone
may face.


Every organization has different weaknesses. Your attackers know it. And we know it. So we stay one step ahead. Keeping you
safe from harm, strengthening where it’s required, listening and learning and always ensuring we protect what matters.

Penetration Testing


Continuous pentesting to determine the weak points.
Testing to identify where best
to improve your cyber security.

Penetration Testing


Going beyond the penetration
test, identifying advanced
attacks across the cyber,
social and physical domains.

Penetration Testing

Intelligence Support

All our services benefit from
gathered targeted data, gaining
specific insights, augmenting
current teams and achieving
valuable warnings on areas of

Penetration Testing

Phishing simulation

Customized testing to help
test and improve your

Penetration Testing


Seeking hard-to-find
weaknesses in applications.

Penetration Testing

Physical Security

Assessing the vulnerability
of your physical locations.
Aiming to bypass security
controls and discover where
access can be breached.

Penetration Testing

Gap Analysis

Measuring your security program
against industry standards and
your own individual policies, plus
offering unbiased advice on how to
move forward.

Penetration Testing

Social engineering

Preventing the exploitation of
employees with simulations including
phishing, vishing, smishing call
pre-texting and even physical
appearances pretending to be
someone else.

Penetration Testing

Threat Hunt

Detecting advanced attacks
that may reside undetected
in your environment.


Testing to discover the threats. Assessing the risks. Then planning the response. Never standing still. Always looking, finding,
containing and removing anything harmful. Detecting the problems, to then provide the answers. No matter how sophisticated the attackers, our solutions give you visibility and control over what’s happening in your environment.

Penetration Testing

Purple Team

Collaboratively identifying where your
controls work, providing immediate
feedback and a measure of progress
in your security program.

Penetration Testing

Active Defense

A variety of techniques used to
outsmart attackers that allow us
to detect, slow down and derail
their actions.

Penetration Testing

Controls Review

Adapting existing security
programs with experts who have
the know-how to make cost
effective improvements.


Security expertise as and when you need it. Stopping, containing and removing issues, but also working with you to help boost existing security. We provide fast assistance and immediate action. Getting on with the job, so you can get on with yours.

Penetration Testing

Incident Response

Arriving on-site or remotely,
onpremises or in a cloud, we respond
immediately with a variety of tools and
techniques to remove and stop it from

Penetration Testing


Helping you spend your security
budget effectively. Redesigning
systems and network
architecture to improve your
organisations resilience.

Penetration Testing

Virtual Ciso

Our virtual CISO fills any gaps in
your security program, provides
direction, solves problems,
reports to upper management
and helps your team stay ahead
of the latest cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

Board Advisory

A quick assessment of a new
threat, or a review of a program,
we’ll provide clear, concise,
ontap security expertise to help
you make informed decisions.

Penetration Testing


Unique training delivered remotely
or onsite to deal with and respond to
security breaches.

Cybersecurity Services FAQ

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems and networks from digital attacks. These attacks can come in the form of malware, ransomware, phishing scams, and more. Cybersecurity experts work to secure systems and networks by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing security measures to protect against potential threats.

Why is cybersecurity important?

Cybersecurity is important because it helps to protect computer systems and networks from digital attacks. These attacks can threaten the safety of data and information, and can cause major disruptions to businesses and organizations. Cybersecurity experts work to identify vulnerabilities and implement security measures to help prevent these attacks.

What are some common cybersecurity threats?

Common cybersecurity threats include malware, ransomware, phishing scams, and more. These threats can cause major disruptions to businesses and organizations, and can lead to the loss of data and information. Cybersecurity experts work to identify these threats and implement security measures to help protect against them.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing or ethical hacking, is the practice of simulating a real-world attack on a computer system or network to find security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

How often should I do a penetration test?

It depends on your organization and what you’re trying to achieve. Some companies do quarterly or semi-annual penetration tests, while others do them on an as-needed basis. We recommend continuous pentesting, which is an ongoing penetration test, and is offered through Incenter.

What is a red team?

A red team is a group of security experts who simulate real-world attacks on an organization’s computer systems and networks. Red teams are often used to test an organization’s security defenses and response plans.

What is a threat hunt?

A threat hunt is the process of proactively searching for signs of malicious activity on a computer system or network. This can be done manually or with the help of automated tools.