Wargaming / Simulations

Unique training delivered
remotely or onsite to deal with
and respond to security breaches.


How much you’re impacted by a security incident will depend on how well your organization responds. This is tested through wargaming or table-top exercises.

These simulations are often more cost effective than a large number of red/purple team exercises.


  • Provides cost-effective training for teams in dealing with information security incidents.
  • Delivered either remotely or on site, which allows geographically dispersed teams to participate.


Our team construct a custom scenario, delivered either in person or online. Taking into account the specifics of a client’s business and their current incident response plan, we simulate an event over a series of hours/days, presenting the team with a number of problems to solve.

The client’s IR team will be observed as to how well they respond: how they understand their roles, their use of current security tools, communication to the relevant stakeholders and responses to adverse events.

The goal of the wargaming exercises is to measure the effectiveness of the current IR program, to then work with the team to plug any gaps.