Physical Security

Assessing the vulnerability of your
physical locations. Aiming to bypass
security controls and discover
where access can be breached.


How vulnerable are your physical locations to a breach? What can an attacker gain access to or steal? A physical security assessment will answer these questions.


Protecting your employees in your locations and the assets inside them (data, inventory etc. etc.). An attacker which gains access to a physical location can inflict harm on either.


A physical security assessment can be conducted either via an on-site audit, or active testing can be undertaken to breach a location. This usually can take a couple of days due to reconnaissance requirements and planning. However, it may take longer depending on the nature of the facility and the number required to be tested. An assessment can be done either during the day or night (sometimes both). In the case of an on-site audit, the team will utilize required regulatory standards, as well as our own extensive experience.

In the case of a breach, it is preferred if a target is specified (e.g., gain access to a specific office, plug into a network, etc. etc.). However, if required the scope can be simply to breach the perimeter. Our team will undertake reconnaissance, plan the attempt and then proceed with active testing. At the conclusion of the test, a full report is provided along with recommendations on how existing controls can be used to plug any gaps.