Board Advisory

A quick assessment of a new threat, or a
review of a program, we’ll provide clear,
concise, on-tap security expertise to help
you make informed decisions.


Sadly, there is a lot of technical jargon in our industry. Smoke and mirrors that many ‘so called experts’ place in front of those who don’t have the knowledge, or the time.

Whether it’s a quick assessment, or a review of a program, our team help boards enhance organizations and make informed decisions.


Straight forward, succinct, on-tap security expertise, always with an understanding of the organization. We provide the confidence in your cyber resilience. Giving access to those who have vast and necessary experience. All without paying crazy figures from management consultants.


Firstly, our team utilize our intel system to obtain information on the organization, enabling us to identify the potential risks.

We then meet and talk with the board. Understanding and listening to their concerns and answering any questions.

We’ll also talk to the security group, or other company areas (if permissible) in order to get a better idea of the environment.

We are on-hand to answer your questions, attend board or audit committee meetings or anything in between.