Threat Hunting

Detecting advanced attacks from malicious code


Our vastly experienced team utilize cutting-edge technology and advanced methodologies to proactively seek out potential threats or malicious activity. Our specialty is identifying those threats that may have bypassed traditional security defenses including zero-day attacks and APTs.


  • Threat hunting allows organizations to identify and act on potential threats early on before they can cause significant damage. As a result, this also improves an organization’s incident response capabilities.
  • By looking for anomalies and suspicious activity, threat hunters can identify new and unknown threats that may not be detected by traditional security tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and anti-virus software.
  • Threat hunting helps organizations use their security resources more efficiently by focusing on the most critical threats and vulnerabilities.
  • The proactive search for threats helps organizations better understand the threat landscape. Ultimately, if you understand your enemies, you can protect yourself more effectively.
  • Some regulations like SOC2, PCI-DSS and HIPAA require organizations to have an ongoing monitoring process in place and therefore use threat hunting for this purpose.


Utilizing a combination of data from various sources such as logs, network traffic and endpoint data our team will actively seek out potential threats. Once a threat is identified we’ll provide actionable guidance on how to contain and resolve the incident. Every organization is different, so of course, we’ll tailor our approach to meet each one’s unique security needs.