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The Continuous Risk Solution:
Proactive Defense Enabled By Humans and AI

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Welcome to Incenter - the leading platform for continuous threat exposure management


Incenter protects your organization and empowers security teams to focus on the exposures that will have the most impact. Stop being overloaded with data, chasing shadows, and having to use multiple products. Incenter combines automation with expert testing to continuously assess your organization, find problems, and help you fix them.

Designed to go above and beyond traditional penetration testing, crowd sourcing, penetration testing as a service, and attack surface monitoring. With practically zero deployment time, a continuously evolving range of features, and a focus on helping your organization secure it’s environment, based on how it operates.

It can help your organization develop unparalleled insights, all grounded in the unique context of your business.

OccamSec will work in partnership with you, helping you protect your organization, and what matters to it. Helping you avoid the ever increasing costs of cybersecurity and the need to seemingly replace whatever you have deployed every 24 months.


How does Incenter help you?

Building a good business and reputation can take years and maximum effort. A few minutes from a cyber attack can unfortunately damage all that hard work. Incenter fuses the strengths of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), Vulnerability Management, Continuous Penetration Testing,Attack Surface Management and Threat Intelligence. Automation is combined with skilled technical personnel to uncover complex issues.

Incenter offers a multi-faceted, proactive approach to cybersecurity, enabling your organization to maintain a resilient stance against the ever-evolving threat landscape. Addressing issues uncovered over working with thousands of organizations, Incenter enhances your cybersecurity posture in several significant ways:

Penetration Testing

Validate your security controls

Incenter provides ongoing controls validation to ensure your security investments are working effectively. Additional insights are provided for impactful resource allocation.

Penetration Testing

Context specific assessment

Incenter evaluates each identified issue, considering the specific characteristics of your environment to determine its risk level. This context-driven approach ensures that the risks you prioritize align with your business realities. It empowers you to allocate resources more efficiently and address critical vulnerabilities promptly.

Penetration Testing

On-Demand Assessment

Our platform's automated capabilities enable you to initiate comprehensive security checks, including penetration testing and compliance verification, whenever you need them. By simulating real-world attacks at your convenience, Incenter measures your preparedness and provides immediate feedback, equipping you to bolster your defenses proactively.

Penetration Testing

Reduce Costs

Incenter streamlines your cybersecurity operations, effectively reducing costs. By integrating multiple security features into a single platform, it eliminates the need for separate tools, significantly reducing your software expenditure. The platform's emphasis on proactive threat detection and management can prevent expensive breaches before they occur, thus mitigating potential financial losses.


Security assessments and vulnerability detection have been undertaken for the past 20 years. What began as broad ‘network’ pen testing, grew to encompass automated scanning and in recent years, crowd-sourced testing (aka bug bounties), attack surface management, pen test as a service, and security validation.

All of which are delivered as siloed, standalone services. Each provides some benefits to organizations but all lack maximized effectiveness and, given the ongoing impact of cyber attacks, gaps remain. So, rather than slicing solutions ever thinner, Incenter combines the benefits of current approaches and improves on them.

Incenter Penetration Test Crowd Sourcing Vulnerability Scanning
Continuous testing
Immediate reporting
Useful remediation guidance
“Low hanging fruit”
Complex issue discovery
Incentive to find non-critical issues which may ultimately be high risk
Accredited testing organization
Vetted testers
Business context
Third-party risk data
Integration of other security technologies and processes
All testers are full time employees

As a platform, Incenter’s ongoing development will combine even more security and business data. The aim is to take an organizations existing security investment in people and technology and maximize its potential.



meet incenter

For over 10 years we have conducted penetration tests, red team assessments, application security assessments, physical security assessments and social engineering assessments for some of the world’s most demanding organizations.

We help fix what we find. We don’t just leave our clients with problems, we continually build on all the assessments we have performed. At the same time, we have always strived to help whoever we could, no matter their size or budget.

We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, could, and will never work.

This led us to develop a platform that combines the best of human security testers with high levels of automation, to deliver a solution that works for you.

how does incenter do this?

Combining human expertise with technology

Using a combination of automated testing together with manual security knowledge, we can uncover a larger range of potential issues and determine those that are most likely to harm your organization. So nothing is missed.

Assessing every location

Sensitive data is now on-prem, in the cloud, on mobile devices and many other locations. To assess the risk facing your organization, all these locations need to be examined. Incenter provides attack surface monitoring across the entirety of your data’s locale. It can also be used to provide ongoing assessments of specific areas, utilizing the abundance of benefits the platform offers.

Understanding your organization

Additionally, Incenter affords real-time results and remediation guidance. All in the context of how your organization operates. With limited resources and context, other security groups drown in noise. This causes a problematic dilemma to determine how to assign funds. Incenter ensures achieving the maximum efficiency of your resources.


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We know the biggest issue with any security solution is stagnation; the initial benefits subside over time and the provider must then squeeze ever more margin out of their aging product. This means more money on marketing and less on developing improved functionality.

Our plan for Incenter is different.

We realize that cybersecurity risks continue to evolve. And so our platform must evolve too. We will continue to perform extensive technical penetration testing for our clients, additional vulnerability research and widespread intelligence gathering activities. Incenter will continue to benefit and evolve from our work, implementing new functionality to enable both security and non-security personnel to have visibility into their cyber risks. Helping everyone understand the potential impact to operations and any decisive action required.


We believe that cybersecurity challenges will not be solved by multiple niche solutions, but rather by an approach combining data from multiple areas. Incenter’s roadmap includes the integration of the following and more:

  • Third party ratings (although at this point everyone is a third party to someone, so it’s simply ratings).
  • Threat Hunting and Incident Response data
  • Relevant SEC and other regulatory body data
  • Relevant regulatory and compliance data

On the back-end, machine learning is constantly being developed and deployed. This, when combined with our technical expertise and existing platform, makes Incenter a formidable platform to help organizations navigate the future. Whatever the future brings.



The benefit of a cybersecurity platform that includes smart technology combined with smart people means you are also being smart with your budget.
And let’s face it, anyone involved in putting Incenter in place is going to look very smart too.

So get in touch to discuss how we can help your business needs.

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