Beyond Enterprise Penetration Testing Tools:
Incenter by OccamSec

Protecting enterprise networks and data is a fundamental requirement for companies.

Vulnerabilities can lead to severe disruptions in operations, impacting more than just revenue. The average cost of a data breach in 2023 is USD 4.45 million worldwide, while 9.48 million USD within the US. Additionally, there’s no way around the fact there will be reputational damages, legal issues, and a significant erosion of consumer confidence. 

Organizations utilizing AI in security save 1.8 million USD in data breach costs. Incenter by OccamSec marks a significant evolution in enterprise security solutions to shore up defenses, combining advanced AI with human expertise. Security has been inherently reactive, resulting in action taken only after a breach. With Incenter, taking a proactive approach using advanced scanning, it identifies weak points in networks so organizations can address issues before attackers exploit them, significantly lowering the potential of a breach occurring and the associated costs. By continuously testing and improving protections, companies can shift their posture from reactionary to proactive.

Understanding the Threat Landscape

Understanding today’s cybersecurity landscape is essential context for evaluating solutions like Incenter. Hackers have rapidly evolved from lone actors to well-resourced groups leveraging complex techniques to penetrate enterprise defenses, resulting in a 15.3% increase in data breach costs from USD 3.86 million to USD 4.45 million since 2020.

Phishing, social engineering, advanced persistent threats, and ransomware now compromise thousands of systems yearly. As these threats continue to grow, the need for robust security measures has become increasingly critical.

The Role of Penetration Testing and Why Enterprises Need Continuous Penetration Testing

Penetration testing has become vital for organizations to evaluate cyber defenses. Also called pen testing, it entails probing networks, systems, and applications with simulated attacks to find weaknesses before adversaries do. Effective testing requires realistically mimicking techniques that actual hackers employ across vectors like software, hardware, and human elements.

The pitfall of other tools is they’re limited in capability that require constant manual analysis and translation – Incenter ties these together to provide comprehensive insight across your entire organization with both automated and manual testing by our team. The value of a solution lies in its capacity to model current real-world threats and uncover vulnerabilities that translate into prioritized, tangible recommendations tailored to each organization that security teams can apply.

Introducing Incenter by OccamSec

Incenter goes beyond routine security assessments outperforms conventional penetration testing tools and frameworks like Metasploit, Burp Suite, and Nessus, providing robust cybersecurity for modern enterprises of all sizes. Combining intelligent testing from AI and expert testers, it simulates real-world attacks, delivers actionable recommendations for emerging threats, and offers implementation insights. Unlike simplistic scans, Incenter leverages technology and threat intelligence to continuously probe systems with evolving penetration methods. This approach enables the identification of key security improvements. Incenter’s commitment lies in addressing security risks effectively, meeting the increasing sophistication required by evolving businesses in the face of growing digital threats.

Key Features of Incenter

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment: Incenter conducts an exhaustive analysis of your network, identifying potential vulnerabilities at every level – from network infrastructure to application code. It simulates real-world attack scenarios to provide a realistic assessment of your system’s resilience.
  • Actionable Insights and Reporting: Post-assessment, Incenter provides detailed reports highlighting the vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and actionable recommendations to mitigate these risks. This empowers your IT teams to make informed decisions and prioritize security efforts effectively.
  • Intelligent Threat Simulation: Incenter leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to simulate advanced attack strategies employed by hackers. Supported by our dedicated team of industry leading security experts, this ensures that your defenses are tested against the latest and most sophisticated attack vectors.
  • Seamless Integration: Incenter is designed to consolidate tools and attack surface coverage, integrating smoothly with your existing IT infrastructure. This integration ensures that security testing does not disrupt your operations but instead complements your ongoing processes.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Updates: The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving. Incenter responds to this challenge by offering continuous monitoring and regular updates, ensuring that your defenses are always a step ahead of potential attackers.

Benefits of Choosing Incenter

  • Enhanced Security Posture: Incenter significantly enhances your organization’s ability to identify and address both known and unknown vulnerabilities existing within your before they can be exploited.
  • Compliance Assurance: Many industries are governed by strict regulatory standards concerning data protection and privacy, like GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and more. Incenter helps ensure that your systems are compliant with relevant regulations, avoiding potential legal and financial penalties.
  • Operational Continuity: Cyberattacks can cripple your operations. By fortifying your defenses, Incenter minimizes the risk of operational disruptions caused by security breaches.
  • Reputation Management: Customers and partners trust organizations that take their data security seriously. Incenter, by strengthening your security framework, helps in maintaining and enhancing this trust. The MGM data breach required shutting down large portions of their systems, resulting in hours of waiting to check in, access rooms, and casino floors being down, leaving a negative view from thousands.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By preventing breaches, Incenter helps avoid the substantial costs associated with cyberattacks, including data recovery, legal fees, and loss of business.

Incenter: Beyond Penetration Testing

While penetration testing is at the core of Incenter, its value extends beyond mere testing being a comprehensive security solution that aligns with your business objectives, dismantling the most common perception of security as a roadblock or a hurdle, and instead is a strategic facilitator for your business growth.


As cyber threats rise, the costs of breaches also continue to rise. Incenter stands out with robust and extensive security to help enterprises stay resilient, moving beyond basic tools while combining proactive defenses, actionable insights, and dedicated expertise. Incenter promises not just scans but solutions, prioritizing risks and empowering teams. Committed to ensuring the security demanded in this era, Incenter secures ongoing operations and enhances resilience against threats expected in the future.

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