Today OccamSec released a major update to the Incenter platform, which provides a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy solution to identify and manage cyber threat exposures in real-time across API, Mobile, and Cloud environments. The platform aims to simplify the process for organizations  to develop security insights based on their unique business context.

Due to the increasingly dynamic attack surface, security teams struggle to keep up with new threats and vulnerabilities. APIs are particularly vulnerable as they often provide direct access to sensitive data. Traditional methods like penetration testing and attack surface monitoring have proven inadequate in maintaining an up-to-date security posture.

The CEO of OccamSec, Mark Stamford, explained that Incenter looks at all aspects of the security puzzle in the context of the business, reducing a complex problem to a simple solution that proactively manages security posture. Tim Mather, CISO at Fortium Partners, praised Incenter for its on-demand security testing capabilities and expanded coverage for various environments.

Incenter offers proactive CTEM capabilities and continually reduces risk in a constantly evolving threat landscape. It features self-service and self-scoping functionality, expanded threat exposure coverage, enhanced automated testing capabilities, and Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. It is fully API driven for integration and automation, and is supported by world-class vulnerability research and threat intelligence teams. This platform eliminates the need for multiple security products, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in security programs.

See the full press release here – Incenter press release

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