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Radius was created by a team of cybersecurity professionals in order to perform effective vendor risk management. During the course of conducting security assessments, we came across a recurring finding: many organizations lacked a comprehensive vendor security assessment solution. Given the growing impact of vendors on an organization's risk posture we decided to build a solution.  

Radius allows organizations to use industry standards, or a tailored assessment, to identify  risks posed by third parties. With a complete vendor management data flow, a repository of reviews, and ongoing input from our other work, Radius provides the clarity needed to effectively measure and manage vendor risk.

radius features



Vendors completing the assessments can effectively communicate with your organization to ask and receive answers to questions.



Demonstrate compliance with regulatory and audit requirements with a comprehensive third party risk management program.


industry standards

Radius supports a range of industry standards. Furthermore, Radius can support your own assessment survey and allows weightings to be applied based on your requirements.



Radius is integrated into our intelligence systems, data on any vendor which may be relevant is captured during the assessment process. Find out if vendors have suffered breaches or have other security issues.

centralized network diagram


Vendors are one part of an organization's risk profile, Radius integrates into OccamSec's services to provide the complete picture.



Identify which vendors you should trust with your data. OccamSec's experience in information security enables this decision to be better informed.

we support the following standards


Cloud Security Alliance

Shared Assessment Program

Center for Internet Security

Privacy Shield Frameworks

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)