Incident Response

Arriving on-site or remotely, on-premises
or in the cloud, we respond immediately
with a variety of tools and techniques to
remove and stop it from spreading.


Most incident response is performed on a retainer basis. This can become expensive for a client. So, we prefer to simply provide fast assistance (remote or onsite), quickly ascertaining the scale of an attack, then taking action.


  • Identify and quickly respond to a security incident.
  • Re-establish business operations as quickly as possible.
  • No retainers required.
  • Capitalize on the benefits of our other services to improve the security posture. If needed, a crisis response support can also be provided.


All of our incident response work is performed with no cost retainers, and we never hike up prices when someone calls with an urgent problem.

Once an incident is contained, our team works with you to remove all traces of the threat and recover any damaged systems. Our incident response team may also investigate any targeted actions being discussed online, or if any comprised data is being offered.