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Burned by the Firewall - The OccamSec Podcast

Special Episode - SolarWinds

Join us for a special episode as Davin Bateman chats with OccamSec CEO Mark Stamford on the SolarWinds breach, challenges for CISO's, why new tools are not necessarily the answer, and how adversarial thinking can aid in an effective response.

The Ghosts of Incidents Past

On this episode, Mike is joined by longtime friend and cloud security/forensic expert, Josh, along with OccamSec's very own cloud guru, Jason. The trio talk all things cloud, from how attacks differ, common configuration mistakes, and the true meaning of zero trust. But also, a good lesson on how not to conduct incident response, and how sometimes it can uncover some unwelcome truths in security flaws you didn't know about your 'trusted' contractors.

Tales from the SCIF

On this Episode, Mike talks with Catherine Johnston, the Deputy Director for Intelligence at US Indo-Pacific Command. The two discuss how the federal government and military branches work to secure citizens and industry, the recent Solar Winds breach, and implications of ongoing cyber warfare across the globe.

Diversity Means Better Business

In this episode, Mike and Davin speak with Erin Murtha, the COO of OccamSec. The trio discuss diversity in the workplace, the security realm, and trends they have been seeing through the years.

Herding Cats in Hawaii

On this episode, Mike speaks with Jennifer Sabas (Owner, Kaimana Hila) and Jodi Ito (CISO, University of Hawaii) in this 100% Hawaiian podcast. They cover everything from their past times catching birds to trying to build home grown security teams to manage the risks that face both the University and greater island business community. So put on your favorite Aloha shirt and some sunscreen and come enjoy this episode with us.

The Power Business

On this episode, Mike is joined by Connie Lau, President and CEO of Hawaiian Electric Industries and Chairman of American Savings Bank, F.S.B. The two discuss the importance of critical infrastructure in Hawaii, the relationship that the government and private sectors share, and how COVID has shaped the last year on the islands. Also, Connie provides some helpful insights for CISO's when working with their stakeholders and also for women trying to enter a career in private industry.